This six week program is designed to help youth regain control of their life by exercising skills in decision making, anger management, and communication. Over 90% of the youth who have completed this program did not commit further crimes or school offenses.

The program is free for all attendees.

At least one parent must attend each session with youth. 

To sign up or if you have any questions, contact Carolyn Robison at

or  918-341-7580 ext 116.


This program is designed to provide a common sense approach to parenting that focuses on natural consequences and the value of positive parenting. 

  • teaches children to be responsible for their actions

  • allows children to live with the consequences and grow from their mistakes

  • puts parents back in control

  • prepares young people to live in the real world

Classes and workbook are free to all participants. 





Next class will begin Feb. 25th

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or call 918.341.7580 x 116


A free program offered to help divorcing parents:

  • learn effective co-parenting techniques

  • navigate and respond to common child reactions to divorce

  • understand the emotions their child is experiencing

  • enhance relationships after the divorce is complete

The program is held monthly and meets court mandated requirements.

To find out more about  signing up for classes or counseling, please contact Carolyn Robison at or by phone at 918-341-7580 ext 116

Next class will be held March 24th

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