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Clinical Care Response


As a community services provider we are committed to our social responsibility and closely monitoring and responding to the rapidly changing situation being caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As we  navigate these challenging times and operate in both a responsive and responsible manner, we are implementing a few changes to keep our clients and staff safe.

As we continue to learn about the COVID-19, we will also be working to ensure we meet our client’s social-distancing need through the provision of telehealth services. We will keep our clients updated once this is in place.  

Clients who call to schedule an appointment will be asked if they are feeling ill or have a fever. If they are running a fever, they will be asked to stay home and reschedule their appointment.

Clients that come in and report running a fever will be asked to reschedule.

Clients that come in and are not running a fever but are sneezing and coughing will be asked to bring and wear a mask while in the building.

If a client has gone to the doctor for an illness (or calls and reports they will be going to the doctor for potential illness) a doctor’s notes can be requested upon time of appointment.


We will be doing everything on our part to keep our facilities clean and virus free.  This includes hourly sanitization of the facility.  


Please follow us on Facebook, as we post tips, fun activities and videos to help us cope during these difficult times.  


RCYS is offering counseling services on-line.  All clients are encouraged to take advantage of this service to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  In order to receive these services, a signed consent form must be in place and you must have access to a smart phone or computer with audio/video capabilities.  To begin this process, please read and sign our consent form:  
Complete form and return to your therapist.  A signed electronic copy is acceptable.  


Rogers County Youth Services has responded to the needs of the youth and families in our community since 1976. We are Rogers County – from our board members to all of our services, our only focus is making Rogers County a better place to live.  We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality prevention and counseling resources at no cost to the children, youth and families in Rogers County.

We are the only non-profit counseling agency governed by a local board of directors whose focus is only on Rogers County children, youth and families.   All of our programs and services are provided completely free of charge to ensure every person has access to high quality care in their home community.



  • Creating Empathy And Respect Toward Each Other

  • Improving Classroom Function

  • Reducing Incidence Of Bullying

  • Creating Safe Environment For Growth + Learning

  • Decreasing Use Of Drugs, Alcohol, And Tobacco


  • Struggling With Thoughts Of Suicide

  • Bullying

  • Trauma (Physical/Emotional/Sexual/Otherwise)

  • Unhealthy Family Behaviors

  • Depression, Anger, Hopelessness

  • Behavior Problems T School

  • Early Childhood Therapy


  • Changing Destructive Behavior

  • Intensive Individual And Family Counseling

  • A Positive Alternative To Costly Detention

  • 90% Reduction In Repeat Offenses

We are excited about the future of Rogers County Youth Services

Raylene Stebbins

Mrs. Stebbins is Clinical Director for RCYS. She sees amazing opportunities for RCYS in the community.

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